new to kandi!! how and where to start?

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new to kandi!! how and where to start?

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hello! i am new to kandi, and i've no clue where to start. any tips or directions for where to start? thanks!
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Re: new to kandi!! how and where to start?

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Hi! I have some tips & advice.
First of all, if you're having trouble figuring something out, there are LOTS of youtube tutorials for kandi. Especially the more intricate cuffs. If you're just starting out, though, I'd suggest starting with just "singles" which are simple - one row of beads, a string that goes around your wrist. Also, there are a lot of patterns available on

MATERIALS (You will Need):
  • BEADS - Pony beads: You can get these at pretty much any craft store, or on Beadtin (I have ordered from here several times, very affordable ... unless you go crazy like I do when I shop there and I order 10+ bags.). A majority of kandi bracelets are mainly made up of these. You can also get some special fun beads to spruce up some of your singles. Clay slices are some of my favorites. There are also plastic shaped beads at craft stores. If you're wanting to get more rave/interest-specific with your kandi, there are some AWESOME special beads available from BassHeadBeads. AFAIK they're on etsy.
  • You will also need some sort of string. I use elastic stretch fabric cord, and I've had the most success with that type. Anything plastic/rubber is prone to dry rot and should be avoided if you want your kandi to last a long time.
  • Scissors
  • OPTIONAL; A bead needle. I have a couple metal ones and a plastic one somewhere. These make it a lot easier to do bigger cuffs, for me. Useful for all sorts. I found mine at Michael's.
Feel free to ask if you have any more questions!! I love kandi so much, please share pics with us when you make some!!!
~ Rico Ranibow Sprimkle

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