tips on mashcore!!! please!!!!!

U wanna listen to sum TUNEZ!?!?!
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tips on mashcore!!! please!!!!!

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AGH my brain is shifting towards music production again even though i can barely make a full song BUT I STIL WANNA DO ITTT ANYWAYYY!!!!

any tips like knowing what stuff i could throw in, some other song elements, how long should i use a sample, stuff to add for variety, anything!!!!!!!!!!

ALSO!!! any samples would be greatly appreciated if ya wanna toss in some recommendations!!! youll get a virtual cookie for it (option for m&m cookies)
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Re: tips on mashcore!!! please!!!!!

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This is probably a garbage reply and I'm so sorry qwq but I think samples from early/mid/late 2000s pop songs work really well and have a nice vibe with mashcore. Pop songs from the 2010s too!! I've also always liked the idea of just random vine soundclips or memes in the song for transitions or something idk lmao XD

There's this one breakcore song that has a ridiculous amount of samples in it so maybe you can find something in this? ->

Good luck!!
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