( personal art ) how to feel

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( personal art ) how to feel

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to give a little context,, ive been struggling alot w my identity and questioning alot of things ab myself so i drew some abstract ish??? art to show how im feeling ab it rn , im feeling so many conflicting emotions rn bc theres something ive been questioning since like 2022 .. its been alot on my mind and ive been doing a ton of research but im still scared to continue because of the possibility , what if i was right ?


to my plural people, how did u discover u were a system? how long did the research take u? was it worth it, is it as stressful to deal withbas you or other people have heard about? im nervous about it but it also overlaps bpd which im pretty sure i have .. sorry for the bit of a rant session :s i just want to ask and ask and ask as many people as i can before im sure

(/nf btw please do not answer if ur uncomfy , i js wanted to share my art for the most part !)
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Re: ( personal art ) how to feel

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you'll find your own way.
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Re: ( personal art ) how to feel

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hi im like incredibly late on this post im so sorry but i just came across this and we like talking abt plurality um

we did not know we were plural until we were about 17-18(?). we didn't actually even know anything abt plurality until we met other systems and learned about DID/OSDD through very heavy research. the experience of learning we were possibly plural was... really scary actually, and it was very difficult to process. this was especially the case when we learned we were fictive-heavy, since many places like certain subreddits and tiktok corners would drag introject-heavy systems through the mud and fakeclaim them. we genuinely did not want to believe that we were possibly plural out of fear that we would be next. and then we got the DID diagnosis (tee hee)

we're currently studying psychology so we might be a LITTLE biased here, but we believe that researching (yes, even realizing some of the information we looked at was misinformation) was very much worth it. it gave us a much deeper understanding of plurality, ourself, and other people. plurality obviously has a lot of downsides (and some people may only view their own experiences w/ plurality as negative, which is also okay!) but personally i dont think we would be the same person we are today if we were not plural. it can get extremely stressful but it has become a very important part of our identity, and (while keeping the goal of healing in mind) it has helped us learn many things about people and the world.

being plural online can get really scary (especially when you first realize you may be plural), but when you're in the right circles and have the right support and do thorough research it helps a lot. obviously i would strongly recommend getting a professional opinion on your symptoms if you can, as we (and a lot of ppl online) are not professionals and some info out there may be riddled with misinformation. (HOWEVER: if any professional has the gall to tell you that plurality "isn't real," "a fantasy land," or "is just a trend" you need to turn the other direction and run as fast as you can because those statements are extremely harmful and are simply not true. us and our partner [who is also plural] have experience with psychologists unfortunately saying these kinds of things and they are very damaging. plurality is very very much real and so far there is significant evidence that points to it.)

im sorry this is stupid long and a little all over the place (we have to leave for a class soon lol), plurality is a very interesting and personal topic to us and we just like talking about it and our experiences with it. i hope this maybe helps a bit, and we wish you luck on figuring things out!

-hyacinth (she/he)
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